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Ok, you know my last blog?
The one about how I was working so hard, and oh boy, I was finally going to see Les Miserables?
Well, both things continued true. I've been working at a prodigious rate, pictures every day, multiple comics every week! Just not here!
And I saw the movie! I loved the movie! I laughed, I cried, IT CHANGED MY LIFE.

...That's not hyperbole.

See, I have a Tumblr. I didn't use it much before this year, it was basically a message center for myself and a few friends. But after the movie I felt the need to draw some silly SILLY fanart to offset the horrible overwhelming waves of confused elated grief I was dealing with, because art is therapy, right? So I drew a couple silly little things.
And I tagged them, for my own archiving purposes.

Did you know! There is a Les Mis fandom? And was, before the movie?
Did you know! They were apparently desperate for fan artists?
I DID NOT KNOW THESE THINGS. Not until my notes went from ones to dozens to a hundred in a day, and my follower count likewise. I started getting MESSAGES. I drew a couple more things.
And the crowd, as the scrolls say, went wild. My follower count SPIKED, I looked at a few blogs, and I was sunk. Because let me tell you: there is a Les Mis fandom, and they are the funniest, smartest, sweetest fandom I could have hoped to be utterly usurped by.  Artists! Historians! *Intense nerdery * of all sorts, generally set to music! There's nothing in that I don't love. There's also an ENORMOUS amount of back-and-forth conversation over the fanwork which, let's face it, I do not and probably never will get on my own storystuff. Since I'd been feeling a bit stalled on my art for a while, I thought "OK, I'll just hang out here and play a couple weeks".

Hahahaha. *maniacal twitch* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp*
So, uh, I'm still over there. LM fandom has a serious chunk of my heart and time. BUT it's given me back a lot of art feedback and practice --if nothing else, suddenly I'm comfortable drawing guys!--and I think I'm going to start trying some...things, over here. Because if no one here cares about guys in waistcoats (I have to remind myself: NO ONE CARES, C. THAT IS NOT THE OBSESSION OF THE WHOLE WORLD) no one over there cares about soft SF. *whispers * they mostly don't even know this place exists. So probably some character sketches for a week or two, and then..we'll see!

Because, euphoric fandom romance or no, I have MISSED you, dA. So quite! So calm! green! So what else is new by you?
  • Listening to: show tunes
  • Reading: Les Miserables, actually
  • Eating: chicken enchiladas
  • Drinking: three kinds of tea
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space-aged Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013   General Artist
I hope you plan on posting the all the art you've posted on tumblr here because I don't believe I've seen most of it.
Caraphae Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If you've blacklisted Les Miserables or fanart--and I would not blame you!-- then yeah, you've missed it. Also an enormous number of comics I do at another blog. Not really stuff I think would interest my watchers here, to be honest-- there are some profoundly In in-jokes, but the sheer practice of almost-daily updates has done things for me, of course. :P I will slowly be adding the art that works out of askblog context!
TheDelphina Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good to hear from you! Didn't see Les Mis in theaters, but maybe I can catch the DVD on Netflix.

As for me, I started a blog and have kinda been keeping up with it. I also have a goal of getting Sombulus Volume 1 in print by summer and am working on a Sombulus GAME. Exciting times!
Tadpole7 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Good to hear from you, :D I've been missing your art showing up in my inbox, not to mention your way with dialogue.

So you've been caught by rabid Les Mis fandom (There's a fandom? :O_o: )

I'm not a fan per se but I did enjoy the book enough to read it twice over the years. Enjoyed the movie thoroughly when I saw it. Personal favorites are the innkeepers daughter and Jean.

More importantly...where do I find all this art you've been drawing?

P.S. We do care very much for our rare sf friends. :hug:
Caraphae Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There is, indeed, a fandom. OH is there a fandom. It's brilliant and warm and welcoming,and it's been booming since the movie, though it's still quite small compared to things like Pokemon or Star Trek, of course. You can generally see my art over on my Tumblr? If you want? I'm Pilfering Apples there, and if you want in the fandom, well, all it really takes is a Tumblr and a couple of comments, in my experience. Warning: I let a somewhat...bouncier...aspect of myself come through over there, as suits the milieu.

And awww, I miss my SF too! I can only hope I'll be serving it better as I drift back over here...
ElectricGecko Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Well, they obviously are far, far better than we miserable souls. But if you gotta choose a fandom, I think it's a smart one to go for. Kudos to you, discerning fan artist!
Caraphae Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't choose them! They chose me! Two pieces of fan art and they just fell on me like wolves! Affectionate, highly literate wolves. With macarons. And art...I think I'm losing the metaphor.

And they're not better than YOU, or Space, or any of my Constant Commenters, who and Space. But they are a lot commentish, which has been quite helpful, art-wise!Or at least I think so. We shall soon see!
ElectricGecko Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Well, I must admit, the meat on dA is sometimes a little thin on the bones for comments. Sigh. To be honest, I'm envious of you and your new hoard of admirers. Comments are so nice to get. Right now I have empirical evidence that I do, indeed, have a hoard of admirers, but they're almost all silent and passive. Makes me cry.
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April 4, 2013